Our Class Hike

We had great weather for our hike on Blue Job (rhymes with robe). We hiked over rocks until we arrived at the Fire Tower. We had a snack and then climbed up the tower – even Mrs. Knee and Mrs. Heon!

After that we hiked over to Little Baldy and passed several rock cairns that marked the trail. We even passed a little pond. We had lunch on Little Baldy and had time to explore and play. Then we hiked back to the parking lot and got into our cars.

4 thoughts on “Our Class Hike

  1. Thank you again to Mrs. Knee and her very well-behaved class for taking me along on such a great field trip – I had a super fun day and hope all of you did too! Can’t wait for the next one 🙂

  2. Hi Kinderkids! It was fun to see the photos of your Blue Job hike. It looks like you had a fun day! You are all becoming such grown up boys and girls to accomplish this big hike! Great job!

  3. I’m so glad I was able to go on this field trip with your class!

    My favorite moment: watching the fun bank/money/grass game on the top of Little Baldy

    My scariest moment: climbing to the top of the fire tower.

    My most-peaceful moment: the beautiful pond between the two peaks.

    My funniest moment: getting lost in the car on the way to trail (thank goodness Miss Smith helped us find our way).

    What was your favorite/best/funniest/worst/anything-est memory?

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