Ice Balloons!!!

What do you do in the summer when you need to cool off? Perhaps you have some fun with water balloons.
What do you do in the winter when the temperatures are way to cold to play outdoors? You fill balloons with colored water, put them outside and wait to see what happens!!!
That’s what we did on one of the cold, cold days just to find out what would happen. We left the water filled balloons outdoors overnight and the next day we found out.

We think our ice balloons look spiky, shiny, colorful, glassy, icy, and beautiful.
We think our ice balloons feel cold, slippery, smooth, freezing, wet, and wonderful.
We think you should try this if you can.

2 thoughts on “Ice Balloons!!!

  1. Wow Kinderkids!!! That looks really cool. I like the one that had sparkles in it. Thanks for sharing! I will definitely try this when I have my own classroom.

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