A Virtual Valentine For Mrs. Conklin’s Class

We participated in the The K-12 Virtual Valentines Project. This project is designed to teach students geographical awareness and understanding while connecting classrooms all around the world for Valentine’s Day. Our partner class is a kindergarten in Newfoundland, Pennsylvania. We found their school on Google Earth and noticed that their school is a different shape than our school. Our school is shaped like a square and their school is shaped like a hammer. We also wondered if they have a playground. We could not see a playground.

We used Kerpoof to make Valentine cards for our new friends and made a movie for them. We hope we can skype with them soon. Happy Valentine’s Day to Mrs. Conklin’s kindergarten class.

2 thoughts on “A Virtual Valentine For Mrs. Conklin’s Class

  1. We love your video and cards! Such great pictures and beautiful cards. We couldn’t wait to see your Virtual Valentine. We have been having fun researching where your school is located. We want to keep talking with you. Have a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

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