Writing an Elephant Book For a New Friend

For the last month we have been learning all about elephants. As a final project, each of us wrote two facts that we learned about these BIG animals. Some of us wrote about the different parts of an elephants’ body, while others wrote about things elephants are able to do. Once our writing was complete, we all drew beautiful pictures of African and Asian elephants. The sentences and pictures were pasted into a big book which we have sent to our new friend, Chris. He is a soldier in the Army who is currently deployed in Afghanistan. We learned that soldiers sometimes live far away from their families, and it is nice to send them special letters and packages to bring them happiness. The package that Chris should receive soon is still a surprise to him! We hope to teach Chris, and all of you, lots of interesting things about elephants.

4 thoughts on “Writing an Elephant Book For a New Friend

  1. We are so proud of you, Kinderkids! Great work! Your special package will surely bring a smile to soldier Chris’ day! (o:

  2. What a great book! I love the colorful pictures, and you all did such a nice job writing about elephants. Thank you for sharing, I am sure you will make Soldier Chris’ day when he receives your package!

  3. Hi Friends!
    I had a chance to look at your blog today. I wanted to tell you that I LOVE your elephant book! Wow! You learned so much about elephants! I learned some new information too! I did not know that elephants do not like peanuts! I wonder why stories and writers often say they do? Keep up the great work! Hope to see you soon!
    Mrs. Davis

  4. Wow! Kinderkids, I think Chris will love the book you made for him. That was a very kind thing to do to show someone you care. You all sure know so much about elephants-I love all your pictures and all the things you’ve learned. I will hear from you all soon! 🙂

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