What Can You Do with a Box?

Due to the lack of recess during our harsh winter temperatures, our afternoon activity time has been more active than usual. Mrs. Knee brought in several large boxes from her new kitchen cabinets that the builder saved for us. We have enjoyed turning them into houses, caves and other imaginary places. Several large pieces of cloth and some clothespins were added as props for more fun. Tents were made with the tables and chairs.  Some children created new spaces by attaching the boxes and adding flat  pieces of cardboard. Mrs. Knee supplied some plastic connectors made by a company called Makedo. This construction work has connected to our math study of two dimensional and three dimensional shapes.

IMG_5391  IMG_5397      IMG_5400    IMG_5405    IMG_5406

2 thoughts on “What Can You Do with a Box?

  1. Good Day KinderKids!
    I know that I am commenting on an old post but I absolutely love this idea for indoor recess fun! I live in northern Maine and our winter is much like yours…freezing cold! So our students have to play inside a lot too. I want to incorporate this idea into my future classroom someday. I am a student at the University of Maine and I’m going to school to become an elementary school teacher. This blog is a fantastic resource for me and a wonderful glimpse into your “wicked” cool classroom (as we might say here in Maine). You are all lucky to have such a fantastic teacher! Have a wonderful day everyone!

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