4 thoughts on “Daily Activities – Part 1

  1. I love seeing all of the hard work you are doing, kinderkids! I cannot wait to read some of the words that you are writing. Will you post a picture of your monarchs soon?
    -Pender’s Mom

  2. Hi from Exeter High School!

    It looks like you are very busy!

    My high school students made play-dough from scratch and were building play-dough models of the bottom of the ocean today. They had a lot of fun. Do you think you’ll still like playing with play-dough when you’re in high school?

    -Manny’s mom

  3. Hi Kinderkids!

    I’m a college student and your blog has taught me a lot! I can’t wait to do some of the activities and lessons that you have done with my future class! It’s great that I can see what you’re learning by clicking on the topics. Thank you for your inspiring lessons and the photos you posted to go with them!

    I really favor your blog layout and I wonder if you would mind if I use it as a template in the future? I promise, I will let my class know that the Kinderkids designed it! Thank you!

    Vannessa A. Hodgkin, University of Maine at Presque Isle, Student

  4. I really like that you are showing what you doing for your morning routine! I really like seeing the pictures of the children working and doing there daily routines! This is very exciting and fun blog!

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