Meeting Mrs. M from Australia

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Mrs. M. is a teacher friend of Mrs. Knee’s. She sent us Smarties for Dot Day so Mrs. Knee told us a little bit about her. She skyped into our classroom this week to meet us. Now she is our friend too. Mrs. M. read a book called “The Bush Book Club”. The story had different Australian animals in it. We didn’t know much about them. We thought the bilby looked like a rabbit. Mrs. M is going to send us the book so we can have it to read. Maybe we will learn more about the animals.

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3 thoughts on “Meeting Mrs. M from Australia

  1. Hi KinderKids and Mrs Knee,
    My name is Matthew one of Mrs M’s gems.
    We heard that you were very exited about meeting Mrs M as we were when we skyped in with last years KinderKids and when Mrs knee skyped in when Mrs M came home from America. I hope I can comment again.

  2. Hello KinderKids and Mrs Knee,
    I am Charli and I am one of Mrs M’s Gems, I will tell you about Australian Animals. A Bilby is a native animal, and yes it does have bunny-like ears but they are big so they can hear predators, Kangaroos, they are bad to be behind because they will buck you really hard and it will hurt, Koalas, they are slow, tree climbing creatures. They eat only eucalyptus leaves and they sleep more than half of the day.
    From Charli 😀 🙂

  3. Hi KinderKids,

    This post brought a smile to the faces of The Gems. Having skyped with Mrs Knee and last year’s KinderKids, they know how special it is to connect with teachers and classes around the world. They hope that they might be able to skype with you one day, too. Wouldn’t that be great?

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