Needle Felting Project

We learned how to needle felt and make a picture with wool fleeceIMG_8598.

All of the kindergarten classes worked on this needle felting project so we could enter it in the Deerfield Fair. We made an apple tree in the different seasons. Our tree was the fall tree.


20151004-220422.jpgThe judges liked our project. We got a blue ribbon for our work. It was fun to go to the Fair and see our project.



6 thoughts on “Needle Felting Project

  1. We enjoyed learning about your fair project. We have a big fair in town right now too! This fair is the Texas State fair. Have you been to the fair yet?

    • Yes, we went to the Fair this weekend. On Friday we didn’t have school so we could go to the Fair. What is your fair like? What do you do at the Texas State Fair? At the Deerfield Fair, we go on the Merry-Go -Round, the big slides, the big ferris wheel, the Dragon Roller Coaster and the bumper cars. We go to the petting zoo, the pig scramble, the camel ride, the horse pulling, and the horse ride. At the Fair, we eat cotton candy, pretzels, candy and caramel apples, fried dough, apple crisp, lobster rolls, hot dogs and a big fat potato, ice cream, chocolate fudge, pizza, french fries, and popcorn.

      From your blogging friends, The KinderKids

  2. Your class did a marvelous job creating the 4 seasons. I wonder if any of the KinderKids wants to do more needle work in their spare time. Can you keep the projects in your classroom for the whole year?

  3. Hello kinderkids and Mrs Knee,
    I’m Rory, one of Mrs M’s gems.
    Your trees are very creative. I like the idea of doing them in the needle felting way, but can you please explain what needle felting is because I don’t know what it is.
    I hope I can comment again.

  4. Hi,
    KinderKids and Mrs Knee
    I’m Lara, I’m one of Mrs M’s Gems!!
    If you won FIRST PLACE 😀 please tell me how ever sends it I don’t care 🙂 !
    I just wanna know!

    Lara :}

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