Big and Little Buddy Hike

We had a wonderful day with our eighth grade big buddies. Before we left school, they made a waffle breakfast for us. It was very exciting to go all the way upstairs to the “big kids” room. They waited on us just like in a restaurant.  Then we went outside and learned a celebration cheer called Jazz Hands. Our big buddies even sat with us on the bus.

Once we got to the beginning of the trail, our big buddies helped to make sure we were always safe. They held our hands on the trail, encouraged us when it got hard and guided us up the fire tower. When we went to Little Baldy, they found good places for us to eat our lunch so we could be out of the wind. We love our big buddies and can’t wait to get together with them again.

We hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we enjoyed doing the hike.

Our Eighth Grade Big Buddies

Last week we met our Big Buddies. They took us outside and asked us some questions. They wanted to learn more about us. After that we played for a while. When we came inside, we shared a story we wrote. It was fun to have new people to look at our books and listen to our stories. Then our buddies read stories to us. We can’t wait to have our buddies come back for another activity. We love our big buddies! Thank you for coming to our room.