Color Science

Our classroom was transformed into a science lab for several days, while we explored the science of color. We used water, color fizzer tablets, water jelly crystals, pinch and mix color goo plus test tubes, petri dishes, mini mixing trays and pipettes. We learned about primary and secondary colors and lots of additional colors. We love science. What do you do for science in your classroom?

Painting with Paper Pulp

We learned that trees help the earth. We need trees to keep the earth healthy. Sometimes trees are used to make paper. We should save paper so we can save the trees.  Ms. Smith and Mrs. Knee showed us how we could recycle our paper scraps and use them to make something new. We tore up the paper from our scrap boxes and used a blender with water to mash the paper into pulp.

Part 1

We read books by Denise Fleming who makes her illustrations with pulp she makes from cloth. When it dries, it is paper. We decided to use our paper pulp to make paper leaves and then make a tree with them.

part 2

be a friend to a tree

 We enjoyed making leaves so much, we decided to try to create pictures the way Denise Fleming does. We put the paper pulp into squeeze bottles so we could “paint”  the different colors onto our screen.

part 3

These are the pictures we made.

If you want to learn more about Denise Fleming, click here.

Thank you, Denise Fleming for inspiring us.

part 4