Meeting Mrs. M from Australia

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Mrs. M. is a teacher friend of Mrs. Knee’s. She sent us Smarties for Dot Day so Mrs. Knee told us a little bit about her. She skyped into our classroom this week to meet us. Now she is our friend too. Mrs. M. read a book called “The Bush Book Club”. The story had different Australian animals in it. We didn’t know much about them. We thought the bilby looked like a rabbit. Mrs. M is going to send us the book so we can have it to read. Maybe we will learn more about the animals.

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A Skype Call to Afghanistan

Ms. Smith asked her friend Chris, a soldier in Afghanistan if we could meet him on Skype. He said yes and stayed up late to talk with us. We had lots of questions for him and we loved talking to him. You can watch and listen to some of the things we talked about.

After our skype call with Chris, we read a book by Phil Cummings and Owen Swan about an Australian soldier from long ago. He was far away from his family and in a war. His wife and daughter made Anzac Biscuits (cookies) and sent them to him.Anzac biscuits

Anzac Biscuits were baked for soldiers, especially the Australian and New Zealand soldiers because they were nutritious and could last the journey to the other side of the world. They reminded the soldiers that the people back home were thinking about them. Anzac Biscuits have now become a common cookie in Australia.

We decided to make some Anzac Biscuits for Chris to remind him that we are thinking about him. We also drew pictures and wrote stories to send in the package.

IMG_5084          IMG_5091        cookies for chris

These are the pictures we made for Chris.

From Moose Jaw to Deerfield

We have a new friend who is interested in our classroom and what we do. She is working with Mrs. Knee and us to learn about how to use technology in kindergarten. She sent a video to us so we could learn more about her.

We used Google Earth to learn more about Moose Jaw. It is kind of far from Deerfield. It is in a different country. It is in Canada, not the United States.

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 10.41.28 PM

We skyped with Deanna and told her about the things we like. We had Canadian flags. She told us about Mac the Moose and we showed her Mrs. Knee’s little moose from Moose Jaw.



Then, Deanna sent us a video of Mac the Moose. We loved it. We think you will too. 

Mrs. Knee made a video of us watching Deanna’s video so Deanna could see our reaction. We thought that Mac was really huge and humongous.  It was the real color of a moose and it’s antlers were bigger than his body. Thank you Deanna, for showing us Mac the Moose.  We can’t wait to talk to you again!