Wednesday Woods Day

On Wednesdays, we go into the woods. We spend most of our day outdoors. We hike and collect things. We build things with sticks. We make things. We explore the stream and look for critters. This week we had a fire and we cooked hot dogs for lunch. Ms. Carlson came outside and we had our music class in the woods. After music we roasted marshmallows. Then it was time to go home. Then we put out the fire with buckets of water.

Learning About Maple Syrup

Mrs Knee makes maple syrup at her house and she taught us all about it. We read books about maple syrup too. One day, after it snowed, we collected some fresh, clean snow in bowls and Mrs. Knee cooked the syrup until it was thick. Then we had sugar on snow – just like the kids in a story we read. On another day,Tim and Wyatt’s mom made pancakes for snack and we put Mrs. Knee’s maple syrup on them. Some families went to visit Mrs. Knee’s sugar house to see how Mr. and Mrs. Knee make syrup. They had syrup with donuts and pickles.

A Little Building Fun!

We enjoyed the many Gingerbread Boy stories we read this month but we were especially delighted by Jan Brett’s stories of The Gingerbread Baby and The Gingerbread Friends. We made plans to make gingerbread houses similar to the one that Matty made for the Gingerbread Baby. Although we didn’t catch a gingerbread baby, we did have lots of fun.

Soup From a Stone…Fancy That!

We read different versions of the story, Stone Soup and began making plans to cook the soup ourselves. This story is a folktale that has been retold in many countries, each having its own version. It is a story of hungry travelers, looking for food, who arrive at a village and the people are fearful of being generous. The story ends with the realization that when each person makes a small contribution, the collective impact can be huge. The people learn about the pleasures of sharing – soup from a stone, fancy that!!