Hello to my new students!

I’m Mrs. Knee and I am looking forward to the start of school. I’ve been thinking about this year all summer long and I’ve been thinking about YOU. I want to tell you that YOU MATTER to me before I even know you very well. I became a teacher because of YOU. I know YOU MATTER to your family, your friends and to lots of other people. We will learn more about what it means to matter. We will learn to tell people that they matter to us and why. We will learn about taking care of each other and saying thank you to our friends and others. This is our important work. We will learn together this year. I  hope to learn from YOU and you will learn from me.

There are 16 children in our class. I hope you are excited about kindergarten. There is time for science, math, reading, art, building, singing, writing and outdoors activities. We have snack time in our room and every family takes a turn to send in something for the class. Everyone brings their own drink or buys a snack drink at school. Sometimes we make our own snack. You can bring a lunch from home or buy one at school. We will eat lunch in the cafeteria. I am getting the room ready for you and your classmates.

IMG_1404  IMG_1241  IMG_1371

I’ve been thinking about some fun things to do this year. I hope we have good weather so we can spend lots of time outdoors. I love nature and science. One of the special things I did this summer was to go to a week long class about making things. We will have a “Maker Space” in our room just for making all sorts of things together.

What are you interested in learning this year? Usually everyone hopes to learn some new things at school and I wonder what you would like to learn. During the first days of school we will talk about our hopes and dreams for the year. I hope we can find some Monarch caterpillars to keep in the classroom until they become beautiful butterflies. You can learn more about them at 

                           IMG_1200                        IMG_1206

Enjoy the rest of your summer. See you very soon. I’m sure that you will help to make it a great year. YOU MATTER!