Our Eighth Grade Big Buddies

Last week we met our Big Buddies. They took us outside and asked us some questions. They wanted to learn more about us. After that we played for a while. When we came inside, we shared a story we wrote. It was fun to have new people to look at our books and listen to our stories. Then our buddies read stories to us. We can’t wait to have our buddies come back for another activity. We love our big buddies! Thank you for coming to our room.

Our Class Hike

We had great weather for our hike on Blue Job (rhymes with robe). We hiked over rocks until we arrived at the Fire Tower. We had a snack and then climbed up the tower – even Mrs. Knee and Mrs. Heon!

After that we hiked over to Little Baldy and passed several rock cairns that marked the trail. We even passed a little pond. We had lunch on Little Baldy and had time to explore and play. Then we hiked back to the parking lot and got into our cars.